10 Crazy Boyfriend Logics Men Are Hiding From Women

novembro 13, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

Guys think a lot, and that too about girls. Here we have compiled some thoughts guys commonly have. Read ahead and evaluate whether it's appropriate to you or your boyfriend's situation. 1. Cause of delay because of the 'wardrobe' You tend to forget all the appointments because she's more than enough to make your day. 2.…


7 Reasons Why Most Of The Girls Prefer Less Attractive Guys

novembro 13, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

Basically, it's not about the looks. Believe me, boys and girls will not always choose face value above anything else. The humanity and a person cannot be overweight by external 'hotness' or whatever physical. Choosing the right person to settle with has to be done with a critical examination of factors influencing a certain person's life…


If You Urinate Just Before $ex, Stop It Now!

novembro 12, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

Sex and urination are different from each other. Surprisingly, you have to manage both the activities from the same body part. According to the world's leading urologist, you should avoid urinating before sex and always piss after sex. Read here, why so? Say a big no to urinating before Sex. If you urinate before sex you…


Secret iPhone Codes That You Can’t Afford To Miss

novembro 9, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

No one better than an iPhone user knows what it means to own an Apple product. Apple products are one of their kind giving your lifestyle a touch of luxury. Whenever you are among a bunch of Apple geeks, you might find yourself wondering what they talk about all the time. Well, there are of…

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